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Phil Wong, founder of authentic change

I was successful, in my own terms. I had achieved all that I had aspired to. I was a Technical Director in a global corporation, involved in manufacturing for over 15 years. As an engineer I had a successful portfolio of getting things done and felt pleased with my achievements. I loved my job. Yet, there was more to work than nuts and bolts.

The part I enjoyed most was working with people. Managing and developing people came to me early in my career and I loved it. Work offered many opportunities. Recruiting staff, business changes, reorganisations, expansion, new projects, new working practices, career changes and, inevitably, redundancy. Of course, life throws in its own challenges. Marriage, children, divorce, moving house, new job, aging parents, illness, death and taxes. We can't escape them, but we can all learn to cope. Balancing success and happiness is a constant challenge.

I am passionate about encouraging people to find their inner strength, their often hidden potential and help them realise that they are free to choose. To choose a life where they are free. I am a natural listener, a born optimist with a down to earth approach. I help people make sense of the complex world around them and so find a place within it. A place where one can feel true to one's own values and beliefs. To feel bold enough to take the next step. A place where one can feel successful and happy without feeling guilty.

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